Hair, Fabulous Hair!

Hair and Scalp are Just an Extension of Skin—Feeding and Care for the Hair Dr. Prana Chee and I were taking a leisurely stroll in the back field one wild, windy spring day. I began to complain. “Rats, this wind is pulling out my natural curl and I’ll just be a frizzy, flat head for my meeting this afternoon. This wind is so drying.” Dr. Chee began to sing, “We love our vegetables, yes we do. We love our vegetables, they’re good for you!” “Did you hear me?” I asked. “What is the difference between the sunshine and the harsh hot blow dryer and the indoor air in the buildings we work and live in?” he queried and went on. “Pure dehydration! You know,” he said, as he scampered along side, “fresh

Raging Hormones

Hormones headlines are in the news almost daily. Does yoga have any techniques or answers for maintaining happy hormones? Several years ago, while leading a bicycle touring group and staying at an old inn, I was perusing the bookshelves in a room called the ‘Hodge Podge’ and was distinctly drawn to a book entitled Raging Hormones, the unofficial PMS (pre-menstrual cycle) survival guide. Needless to say, I was attracted to the subject having experienced such a state on numerous occasions. The lead in stated, “Finally! The book for you and your cranky friends, confused boyfriend, bewildered husband, and bewildered ex-husband.” It featured amazing sections such as “The Hormone Hostage Hall of F

Oh, My Aching Back!

Kermit of the Muppets said it so clearly when he announced, “It isn’t easy being green,” and when we have a back condition or backache, it isn’t easy being human! Pain is exacerbated and intensified by our awareness of the discomfort, frustration, and fear which perpetuates more suffering. Back pain comes from many sources ranging from lifestyle choices, activities, occupation, transportation, nutrition, accidents, injuries, and genetics. Everything we do affects the back. That is why back care is something we have to do all day, everyday, not just when we feel the screams from the backside. Keeping a healthy back means keeping it well tuned with rest, extension, stretch, and strengthening.

Kiss that Headache Goodbye!

“I’ve had migraines for 17 years. I have tried everything under the sun and yoga is the only thing that has consistently helped me.” —Abby Gartland, Traverse City, MI Would you believe some forty five million Americans suffer with frequent headaches, and that there actually exists a National Headache Foundation? Did you know some 75% of adults who suffer with migraines are female? When confronted by this painful intruder, most folks quickly attempt to head it off with over the counter medication. That makes this headache phenomena big business! The trouble with the almighty pill is that it is only a temporary solution and doesn’t treat the cause. If you are prone to headaches, you are most l

YOGA AT HOME: Developing a Personal Practice

Taking a yoga class has many benefits, but how do you integrate yoga’s holistic living principles into your life? Establishing a Home Practice may seem out of reach but a few basic principles may show you the way. Try these ideas for making space in your life for yoga, the time honored art of self study. 1. Create the Space Once you’ve made an intention to do yoga at home, create a special place for your practice. It can be as simple as a mat placed on the floor in your guest bedroom, or a corner in the living room. Rethink your house layout. Maybe you can actually devote an entire room to your practice, Wherever you light, keep a mat open and in place at all times. Purchase a second mat, ke

YOGA and the Athlete

Some say there is no greater thrill than of crossing a finish line or the high you experience after you've engaged in a game of contest requiring strong physical exertion, focus, and determination. There are athletes, those who train rigorously in preparation for a game or exercise event for a reward or pay, and then there are the athletic who exercise rigorously, full of vigor who taut a finely fit body. Either way, many well exercised people can easily become muscle bound and so hard that they evolve into stiff bodied people. However, athletes don't retire early because of muscle issues, but rather becasue of joint, backs and knees. Athletic folks often come to a screeching halt with joint

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