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Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy (YHEMA) is a specialty yoga teacher-training program for serious students of yoga that want to be a yoga instructor.  The program is modeled after the European style “out of walls” educational approach.


The program evolved in 2002 when Lead Teacher/Mentor, Libby Robold, co-director of Yoga for Health Education, LLC, graduated her first student term, mentoring style training.  Students who had completed teacher-training programs elsewhere in the state frequently approached Libby. Many felt they did not really know “how to teach.”


Having a master’s degree in teaching and having been a teacher in regular public education, an art/yoga therapist for all ages in special education, and teaching yoga and other topics at the college level, Libby was up for the challenge.  Libby trained teachers and classroom aids in public education and had a strong background in planning curriculum,  which gave birth to YHEMA. 


Students apply to the academy and once approved,  begin a two to three year program, completing modules of coursework involving covered material, class discussion, projects and designing coursework and classes.  Regular seminars, classes with homework, peer teaching and specific workshops are required, along observations, and a lengthy internship. This study program is equivalent to a college level experience in the 200 Hour Plus program, and a college graduate level in the 300 Plus Hour Advanced Teacher Training.  Both programs are registered with Yoga Alliance, a yoga school registry.


Since the programs are lengthy and the style is a mentoring approach, the program is limited to eight or less students.  No new students are admitted to YHEMA until the current groups complete their programs.  


Current Status of Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy: 


300 Hour Plus Advanced Teacher Training in Session with projected completion, November 2018..


Teacher Training Programs are currently on hold due to COVID.

300 Hour Plus Advanced Training Teachers


group 2.jpg

Top row: Shannon Walter, Barb Huegli, Crystal Turner, Erika Wynn, Stephanie Prall

Bottom row: Libby Robold (Mentor) Jen Hays, Melpo Kavadella, Janet Weaver, Deb Keys

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