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We feature a wide array of classes for all ages & ability levels, taught by mature, professional instructors who come to Yoga for Health Education with diverse training and fields of expertise. Offering public and private classes. 

Libby Robold 

Co-Director, MA,


Michael Robold 

Co-Director, MA, CYT

Libby began her yoga studies with Dr. Ron Chalfant, Iyengar teacher, in 1978. A few years later she began teaching yoga at Northwestern Michigan College, and has since studied with many renowned teachers and various yoga schools, becoming certified as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and certified Yoga teacher. As a long time yoga specialist, Libby is a Yoga Teacher Trainer and Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Alliance Teacher Registry and the National Ayurveda Medical Association. She has been training teachers in a unique, in-depth style since 2001 when she started Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy, a lengthy training with highly individualized components. Libby is also a board certified Ayurveda Health Counselor and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, as well as a board certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Libby studied Ayurveda for over sixteen years with mentor Patricia Hansen of University of Denver, and learned Ayurvedic Pulse Reading and Marma Point Therapy  with Dr. Vasant Lad, BAMS at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM. Libby teaches a wide array of classes from Beginning and Beyond, Continuing, Yin, Kundalini, Sunrise Flow, and therapeutics for backs and arthritis, along with Ayurveda classes, children's’ yoga and workshops.  She facilitates programs locally and beyond, and offers Yoga Retreats.  Libby spent many years as a public school, regular and special education teacher, and as Integrative Arts Therapist for TBAISD, where she combined Art and Yoga Therapy for healing emotionally challenged children.  She feels her educational background has enhanced her Yoga Therapy practice and sees yoga as a way of life.  Libby is passionate about helping people find their inner strength through their creative spark within.

Michael taught elementary school for ten years, earned an MA in Elementary School Administration and, along with his wife, Libby, operated an outdoor vacation company, Michigan Bicycle Touring, for twenty-five years.  Michael has taught over 7000 hours of classes since 1996 and his personal yoga practice began with Iyengar teacher, Dr. Ron Chalfant in 1979.  After moving to the area in 1982, Michael assisted Libby in classes and workshops at NMC for nearly fifteen years.  Although drawn to the high energy styles of yoga,  Michael likewise enjoys teaching classes to beginners. He has a passion for nutrition and enjoys conducting Yoga of Eating workshops.  At Yoga for Health, Michael co-directs the Center for Conscious Living and currently teaches Beginning, Beginning & Beyond, Yoga for Teens and Family Yoga. He enjoys teaching yoga because it encompasses all that we are – mind, body and spirit.  Michael is an active member of the Michigan Yoga Association.

Jen Hays 

Yoga Instructor 


Jen took her first  yoga class with Libby Robold at age nineteen.  She began studies with Yoga for Health Education followed by years of practice teaching. She recently completed her 300 Hour Plus Program with Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy. Jen currently teaches numerous classes at YHE including Beginning, Beginning & Beyond, and out-reach programs.

Janet Weaver

Yoga Instructor


Janet has devoted her life to helping others. With a master’s degree in nursing, she has spent her adult life in clinical nursing, nurse leadership and nurse consulting. In 2016, Janet earned her 200-hour certificate at the Shanti School of Yoga. In 2017, she entered a two-year, 300-hour, advanced training at Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy. As an instructor, Janet’s focus is keeping students safe, and  helping students improve strength, flexibility and balance in an enjoyable, fun setting. Her greatest joy is helping students leave a class feeling better than when they arrived. She looks forward to meeting and helping students find a fulfilling yoga practice.


Erika Wynn 

Yoga Instructor


Erika received her 200 hour training with Union Yoga in 2011, and completed her 300 Hour Plus Program with Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy. Erika teaches a variety of classes with a special focus in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. Drawing influence from classical styles with an emphasis on philosophy, she strives to nurture a balance of disciplined practice, open hearts, and joyful intention through her teaching. 

Ann Parker

Tai Chi Instructor 


Ann, a physical therapist by trade, is a long time Tai Chi teacher at YHE.  She brings a vast array of experience and training to her teaching. After completing her degree in Physical Therapy, she relocated to Seattle where she was fortunate to study with several excellent Yang style instructors including Richard Aries and Cosette Le Ciel, both founding members of Five Willow Tai Chi Association where Ann has studied for many years.  Ann has also studied with honored masters Mr. Toa Ping-Siang, Mr. William Chen,both in the lineage of the late Master Cheng Man-Ching.  She has been fortunate to study with the  highly regarded, Madame Gao .  Ann feels she has gained tremendous mental , physical,  and spiritual growth from TAi Chi and loves sharing her passion with the people of northern Michigan.

Stephanie Prall 

Yoga Instructor 


Stephanie is a former junior high social studies teacher with a longtime interest in world cultures and contemplative philosophies, such as Buddhism and Taoism. Stephanie has taught a variety of ages and levels of classes including Beginning and Beyond, All Levels, Gentle Yoga, Continuing Flow. She also completed her 300 Hour Plus Program with Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy.

Mary Jane Hsu

Yoga Instructor 


Mary Jane completed over 400 hours of training with the Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy in 2008.  She specializes in yoga for older adults and currently teaches Chair Yoga at YHE, along with teaching an outreach community class in Benzie County.  Mary Jane’s nursing career is a perfect fit for her work with seniors.


Barb Huegli 

Yoga Instructor 


Barb received her 200 hr. Teacher Training course with Sandra Carden in 2002 and completed her 500 hour continuing education with Libby and the Himalayan Institute. Barb’s focus in her teaching is to convey asanas with proper alignment in hopes that students can enter any yoga class with a solid understanding of the postures. When she is not teaching yoga or working at Munson Hospital, Barb loves to be outside. 

Denise Sandor

Yoga Instructor

Denise, BA, BS, MIM, 200 E-RYT, has been teaching yoga since 2011. She earned her 200 hour certification through Prairie Yoga and continues her yoga education by working towards her 500 hour certification with Tias Little / Prajna Yoga.Denise was drawn to yoga as an escape from the corporate world, to reduce anxiety, and get back in shape. Denise's dynamic teaching focuses on mindful movement, alignment, breathwork, and adapting postures to meet student's needs. She provides a positive and encouraging environment where students can leave their worries at the door, focus on their health, and be mindfully and safely challenged.

Yoga Instructor

Denise, BA, BS, MIM, 200 E-RYT, has been teaching yoga since 2011. She earned her 200 hour certification through Prairie Yoga and continues her yoga education by working towards her 500 hour certification with Tias Little / Prajna Yoga.Denise was drawn to yoga as an escape from the corporate world, to reduce anxiety, and get back in shape. Denise's dynamic teaching focuses on mindful movement, alignment, breathwork, and adapting postures to meet student's needs. She provides a positive and encouraging environment where students can leave their worries at the door, focus on their health, and be mindfully and safely challenged.

Linda Forster 

Meditation Instructor 


Linda has been a student of Yoga for many years and completed the Teacher Training Program at Integral Yoga in Buckingham, VA in 2003.  Linda currently teaches a free Meditation class at the studio on Sunday morning. Through Yoga she has found a way of reducing tension, maintaining health, building flexibility, and living peacefully in a hectic world.  Linda works for the Intermediate School District and has completed her 500 hour training with the Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy.


Melpo Kavadella

Yoga Instructor 


Melpo Kavadella, MD, is a dedicated physician who is devoted to her patients. She is a mother of two, a psychiatrist, and a teacher of physicians for Michigan State University.  She has completed course work for both the 200-Hour and 300-Hour Plus, advanced training with Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy and has incorporated her yoga training with her life’s work. Melpo teaches periodically at YHE, filling in for staff and teaches Yoga for Deep Grief and Depression among other seasonal offerings. Melpo is a strong advocate for the practice of yoga and enjoys helping students understand the long-term benefits of a regular practice.


Alice Bridges 

Feldenkrais Instructor 


Alice has been a disciple of movement arts her entire life. Her quest to understand human movement and learning processes led her to become a movement therapist specializing in working with dancers. She also became a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method. She established a movement program for cancer survivors at UCSF’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, created a multi-media recovery program for women with breast cancer, and has taught dance movement therapy classes for people with movement disorders.  Desiring to further understand movement and healing, Alice embarked on the study of the art of t’ai chi. She has been a student of Hunyuan Chen style t’ai chi for 20 years and is a certified instructor through the Feng Zhiquiang Chen Style Taijiquan Academy USA. 

Joanna Lauber

Yoga Instructor 

Joanna completed her first level of training with Union Yoga, LLC and her three year 500 Hour Plus Program with Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy. Joanna teaches regular classes and specializes in yoga for folks with weight issues and trauma.  As a thirty year therapist for individuals with eating disorders, and now trauma based therapy, Joanna blends a wealth of knowledge of western psychology and yoga psychology.  

Nora Wiser

Yoga Instructor 


Inspired by compassionate teachers and motivated by her own experience, Nora completed her own training to teach in a 200hr Hatha Yoga teaching certificate with Union Yoga. She has taught Gentle, Chair, Yin/Yang, Beginning, and Yoga for Weight Issues classes at YHE in summer. Winters find her teaching in Florida or California.  She volunteers with the Connected Warriors Yoga program at the Veteran’s Hospital in West Palm Beach.  Nora is completing her 500 hour studies with the Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy at YHE.   She has trained extensively as a Shambala (Buddhist) meditation teacher and offers Free meditation on Sunday mornings in summer and fall at YHE.

June Palumbo

Yoga Instructor 

June began her yoga journey in the fall of 1997 when she took her first yoga class at NMC, she immediately fell in love with the practice and began a full time student.  After many years she became a continuing student and starting shadowing her teacher in hopes of teaching yoga herself one day.  In 2001 she began teaching at local centers and gyms in the TC area and received her RYT 200 hour certificate from Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy.  Over the last 20 years June has taught at Yoga for Health Education, Yen Yoga, Grand Traverse Resort & Spa and Iron Works (employee wellness center for Hagerty employees) and many more.  June believes that yoga is a lifestyle and it can heal our minds, hearts and bodies through continued practice and study. 
Since those early days June has studied across the US with many well known teachers and has attended numerous workshops to deepen her practice which helps her on and off the mat.  Yoga teaches us to be compassionate with ourselves and others.  As a teacher June focuses on helping students discover their best selves through asana and believes that we have to work to cultivate the greatness that lies within each of us. The benefits of yoga are endless, June will help you build your yoga tool box so you have the knowledge you need for maximum health and wellbeing. 

Katy Hobbs


Katy’s passion is to be a witness and guide for families as they prepare for an experience the process of their child’s birth. As a midwife, she has in depth knowledge of the changes and challenges that occur during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She loves supporting parents as they prepare for what is truly needed during that time. Katy has also been a long-time yoga student at Yoga for Health, and participated in her classes throughout her own pregnancies. She also worked at YHE while studying midwifery. 

Katy Hobbs started her studies and apprenticeship to become a midwife in 2007. She became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in 2012 and received her license in 2019 when licensing became available in Northern Michigan. She has been serving families in Manistee County and the surrounding area ever since and now has a solo practice.

She lives in the woods of the Manistee River valley with her husband and their three children.

Office Staff

Meet the Administrative Staff at Yoga for Health Education.  

The YHE staff wants you to feel happy, safe, and comfortable in your yoga home.  We will help you with questions and refer you to classes and teachers, including therapeutic staff,  that can help you find yoga or other classes that are  best options for you.  


Joan McLay

Office Manager

After working in the Wayne County courts for 20 years, my husband and I retired and moved

to TC in 2007. The following week I took my first class at YHE. Although I had practiced yoga for

a number of years, I didn’t have the opportunity to build on my practice. Here, at YHE, I found

the wide variety of classes that YHE offers encourages one to experiment. I’ve sampled a number

of different classes and presently enjoy, Sunrise Flow, Beginning & Beyond and Kundalini. In 2009,

I approached Libby and offered to volunteer my administrative skills if a need arose. Happily,

shortly afterwards, I was asked to assist in the office/store. It is a pleasure to interact with the

students and hopefully, make them feel welcome and part of the YHE community.


Deb Keys

Office Assistant

Deb is a retired RN who has always had a passion for supporting others in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She completed her 200 hr training under the direction of Cheryl Oliver at Authentic Yoga Teacher Training in Montanita, Equador in 2016.  Spending summers in Traverse City,  she discovered Yoga for Health Education and feels blessed to have found Michael and Libby. She completed her 300 hr training through Libby’s  Yoga for Health Education Mentoring Academy in 2020 and is a certified RYT 500 teacher.

She is passionate about her own Yoga practice and desires to share not only the benefits of Asana and Pranayama practice, but also principles rooted in Yoga Philosophy which she incorporates into her classes. Her personal practice is in Ashtanga,  and she strives to follow the eight limb philosophy in guiding her life. Her teaching interests include Slow Flow Vinyasa, Yoga Basics, (with an emphasis on proper alignment and pranayama), Yin, and Chair Yoga.

Spending her winters in Florida, Deb has been teaching Chair Yoga to Veterans at a Behavioral Health Hospital. This has brought her a new appreciation for the benefits that Yoga brings to those suffering with mental health issues. She is currently working towards certification with the Veterans Yoga Project.

Her focus is on teaching her students to embrace the benefits of Yoga for mental and physical health with a desire to bring strength and peace into their practice.



Office Assistant

Alyssa met Libby and Michael at the Traverse City farmers market five years ago and has loved being a part of YFH ever since. She taught high school art for five years before getting her MFA in painting and is currently making the shift to be a full-time painter. In 2013, she attended her first yoga class while in grad school and has found it to be the perfect antidote to ease the stress build up in life. 

She grew up back and forth between the United States and France. After working in Germany for five years, she made her way back to the States and now has made Traverse City her home. 

Alyssa Smith
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