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Therapy at Yoga for Health 

At Yoga for Health Education, we have a specific therapy division. Our  highly trained staff is available to support students in times of need for injuries and chronic conditions. 







Libby Robold, is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (body/mind psychology), first certified in 1992, and re-certified in 2010.  Libby trademarked Breathercise, a yoga technique relaxation therapy system and movement for children and adults in 1991.  After 15 years of study, Libby is  certified by NAMA, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is an integrative system of supporting the body in positions based on classic yoga postures while using non-directive, verbal techniques.  The therapist does most of the physical work, facilitating a process where the “receiver”  accesses deep inner wisdom for healing and creating change within themselves.


Yoga Physical Therapy (Breathercise®), a therapeutic style of yoga trademarked by Libby Robold,  is designed for physical issues that need tending and healing.  In private session, your concerns are studied thoroughly and a tailor-made protocol is designed for you.  Your issues will be viewed in the context of your lifestyle, physical demands, and tendencies, along with your heredity and predisposition.  You will be given a special routine to do at home.  Ayurveda Yoga Therapy/Consultation Ayurveda is the oldest preventative medicine system in the world. Birthed over 5,000 years ago as the Science of Life, Ayurveda teaches us how to live in harmony within our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.  


Learning your body mind “type” and how to live and do your yoga practice in the context of your particular blueprint  is the focus of this healing modality.  You learn to adjust your lifestyle, including food choices, activities, relationships that enhance your life.

Joanna Lauber is a yoga teacher and a Licensed Masters Social Worker with a PTS Certificate for a 40-hour training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga at Kripalu Center.  Joanna has taken several other courses in the understanding and treatment of the affects of trauma and its disorder (PTSD).  With 30 years of counseling experience with women with eating disorders, Joanna offers classes called Yoga and Weight Issues.  It is a class for people who are interested in understanding their relationship to food, their emotions, and the body.  Periodically, Joanna teaches small classes for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.


Dr. Melpo Kavadella, MD, an outstanding psychiatrist and yoga teacher, periodically offers Yoga for Depression.  Each quarter, she offers a specialty class in Yoga for Great Loss.




Please call (231)922-9642 with any questions or to set up an appointment.

We currently offer the following supportive modalities with these Therapists:

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