GREAT NEWS!  Following the latest update from the State of Michigan, and as of June 22, masks are no longer required in practice rooms in response to the decrease in COVID 19 cases.  It is surely a time to celebrate. 

Let’s all remember, however, that we are still in a pandemic and continue to be impeccable with our respectful cleanliness habits and spacing. 

At this time, we plan to re-instate our studio classroom props and our third classroom by the Fall Session.  For summer, however, you will need to continue to bring 2 blocks, 2 firm blankets, and a belt for most classes.  Call ahead for details.  You can purchase props at the studio with your discount if enrolled.  Currently, we are temporarily out of blankets for sale.

We are moving forward, grateful to be able to engage more fully with each other in yoga practice!

Welcome to your "almost back to normal" yoga home beloved friends,

Libby & Michael Robold & Staff

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Yoga for Health Education offers a variety of classes for all ages and abilities.  Placing a student in just the right class is a top priority for our staff.  Our mission is to offer classes that are educational, stimulating, and with just the right amount of challenge for a particular fitness level, age, and specific needs.  Safety is a priority.


Yoga for Health Education is a yoga school for life.  Our main program is a session-based approach with progressive teaching.  Each series of classes builds on the next.  We encourage students to take a full session, so they can see growth and learn new things and new ways of being with movement from the context of their own body.  The teacher has an opportunity to get to know his or her students and can cater to their specific postural issues and movement restrictions, helping them improve over time. 



Class Session Prices and Drop-in Rates listed at the bottom of this page.

To sign up for Summer Session, go to the start date of your class below and click 'sign up'. Select the 'Next' button to jump to the following week.

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Drop-in Rates:

  $15/60 minute class 

$18/75 minute class   

  $20/90 minute class