June 22 - August 22 begins the 9 week Summer session, virtually.  Registration is OPEN.


When reconstruction is complete, then we will make a strategic plan for a return to the classroom at your regular time.


YOGA FOR HEALTH EDUCATION, like many other businesses and offices at The Village, was slammed with water during the strong rainstorm, May 28, that left the Studio with excessive damage.  All floors had to be removed and will need to be replaced, along with some walls, equipment and furnishings.  COVID-19 has made a huge impact on our Studio’s ability to provide classes, community outreach, and therapy.  Just as we were targeting June 22nd to be back “home,” along came this cosmic two by four.  

COVID-19, and this storm event, requires us to begin our Summer Session online  and move to the Studio when the State releases the mandate on exposure and/or when our reconstruction is completed.  We hope, you, our students will bear with us just a little longer.  We are working hard to maintain our space.   

Some classes will not be offered until we are physically back on home turf.  Meanwhile, we hope you will support us in this challenging time by registering for the Summer Session

Yoga for Health Education offers a variety of classes for all ages and abilities.  Placing a student in just the right class is a top priority for our staff.  Our mission is to offer classes that are educational, stimulating, and with just the right amount of challenge for a particular fitness level, age, and specific needs.  Safety is a priority.


Yoga for Health Education is a yoga school for life.  Our main program is a session-based approach with progressive teaching.  Each series of classes builds on the next.  We encourage students to take a full session, so they can see growth and learn new things and new ways of being with movement from the context of their own body.  The teacher has an opportunity to get to know his or her students and can cater to their specific postural issues and movement restrictions, helping them improve over time. 



Class Session Prices and Drop-in Rates listed at the bottom of this page.


1) Click 'Sign Up' on the schedule.


2.) Click 'Next' and you will be prompted to sign up or enter your existing information for Mind Body Software. Register and check out with your purchase.


3.) You will need to sign up for a YouTube account or you can use an existing Gmail account (make sure you are only logged into the one Gmail account you received your link from). The email you register with YouTube needs to match the email we send the link to.

4.) On the day of class you will be emailed a private link an hour before your class 'begins' (classes are pre-recorded). It will come from our YouTube Channel, and it will say "Yoga for Health would like to share a private video with you". If you don't see it in your inbox, check your spam folder or go to the search bar at the top of your email and type in 'YouTube' (emails are sometimes hidden).

The class will only be viewable from your email link. You can watch it over the course of the week at your convenience. 

Thank you for taking the extra steps to connect with us! This ensure our classes are just for our paying students. Email for technical issues.

Drop-in Rates:

  $13/60 minute class 

$15/75 minute class   

  $17/90 minute class

  $24/2 hour class

  $20/Pre-Natal class

NOTE : Tai Chi with Ann Parker will be outdoors at the Botanic

Gardens at the Historic Barns Park on the campus of GT Commons.

(231) 922-9642

1200 West 11th St., Suite 106; Traverse City, MI 49684 

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