CORONA Virus Precautions at Yoga for Health for Fall Session

The world of COVID is continuously changing.  With the recent report of high risk for the Traverse City area, we are updating our studio policy for the session beginning, Wednesday, September 8, 2021.  We are recommending, on the advice of the Michigan Health Department and our consultations with the Grand Traverse Health Department, the following:  

*On arrival, we will invite you to clean your hands.

*CDC guidelines highly recommend wearing masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.  YHE will have masks available.

*On entering the classroom, everyone will be spaced 6 feet apart as it has been the past year.  If you are a “pod”, mother/daughter, a couple, etc., you can be closer.

*At this time, we are unable to reinstate our studio classroom props as originally planned for fall.   So, you will need to continue to bring 2 blocks, 2 firm blankets, and a belt for most classes.  Call ahead for details.   You can purchase props at the studio (15% discount for fully enrolled students).  We are temporarily out of blankets for sale, but we are working on it!

*If you have unique circumstances or questions, please call and we will be delighted to hear your story and see if any additional accommodations can be made.

The changes with the COVID are constant and varied.  Stay tuned-in as we will update frequently.


“Such small things we can do for the well-being of all”


The YHE staff is so looking forward to seeing you this session. You are the reason we exist.

fall 2021 new scheudle.JPG

Yoga for Health Education offers a variety of classes for all ages and abilities.  Placing a student in just the right class is a top priority for our staff.  Our mission is to offer classes that are educational, stimulating, and with just the right amount of challenge for a particular fitness level, age, and specific needs.  Safety is a priority.


Yoga for Health Education is a yoga school for life.  Our main program is a session-based approach with progressive teaching.  Each series of classes builds on the next.  We encourage students to take a full session, so they can see growth and learn new things and new ways of being with movement from the context of their own body.  The teacher has an opportunity to get to know his or her students and can cater to their specific postural issues and movement restrictions, helping them improve over time. 



Class Session Prices and Drop-in Rates listed at the bottom of this page.

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Drop-in Rates:

  $15/60 minute class 

$18/75 minute class   

  $20/90 minute class